Anxious summer as terror-hit France looks over its shoulder

An article by journaliste Fran Blandy for AFP (Agence France Presse, English service), August 4, 2016.

Paris (AFP) – With every new terror attack, French citizens stoically declare that « life goes on », but despite this show of defiance, a creeping anxiety has taken hold of society.

Outwardly, the French summer is in full swing, restaurant and bar terraces — targeted in a November attack on Paris — are packed and vibrant, beaches are covered with sunseekers and streets as busy as ever.

However beneath the surface, many are feeling the strain after a string of terror attacks over the past 18 months.

« There is a cumulative effect. At first (a terror attack) is an unexpected event, but now we are in a situation where we fear it happening again, » said Evelyne Josse, a Belgium-based psychologist and trauma expert.

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