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Gender-based violence prevention and response – A methodological guide

Médecins du Monde-France

Autors :
Julia Branchat and Constance Duplessy, in collaboration withTiphaine Barral, Olivier Bernard, Magali Bouchon, Pauline Boureau, Juliette Chevalier, Anne Desmarest, Carole Drômer, Pilar Giraud, Nicolas Guihard,
Ali Imran, Evelyne Josse, Jérôme Larché, Niklas Luhmann, Shadia Morchid,
Denis Mukwege, Marie-Dominique Pauti, Myriam Pomarel, Hugo Tiffou,
Sophie Zaccaria
Available :
– English : Gender-based violence prevention and response – A methodological guide
– Español : Prevención y respuesta a la violencia de genero – Guía Metodológica
– French : Prévention et réponse aux violences liées au genre – Guide méthodologique

Throughout the world, gender-based violence represents a major public health issue and an undeniable violation of human rights.

This leads us to question the strategies of intervention and the prevention and response actions to gender-based violence, always taking into account the different socio-cultural contexts. This guide does not intend to provide responses but reflexion elements for the development of programmes or activities to fight gender related violence.
Through the presentation of key concepts, methodological tools and field examples this guide aims to improve the dentification and the multidisciplinary care and support of the victims of violence, as well as to improve the quality of the awareness-rising and advocacy activities associated to it. This guide draws its practical use from MdM’s know-how on the subject, which the organisation has developed thanks to its international programme on gender-based violence.

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